Meet Craig A. Nordal

Craig A. Nordal has lived and worked in the 49th Congressional District for 29 years since 1989 when he moved his family to live in Encinitas, CA. He started his highly successful business in real estate valuation, consulting, sales & expert witness and has raised his family here.

Craig began serving the Republican Party when he was elected to be his HOA President and started leading his precinct as a Republican Party precinct captain for many years. He then founded the North Coast Republican Club where he served as President, Vice President & Treasurer. Soon after that he was asked to become a member of the San Diego County Republican Party Central Committee.

Craig brings a life long commitment to conservative principals and beliefs. As an Evangelical Christian he is a strong defender of religious liberty and will make issues of faith his highest priority as well as border security and immigration. Craig also strongly agrees with and supports the Tea Party Patriots. He supports and would join and seek to lead the Tea Party Caucus and the Freedom Caucus in Congress. Craig fully supports our President Donald J. Trump. 


"I decided to jump into this election after hearing some of the first people who announced that either I could never support or who were not conservative enough. I decided the voters of the 49th Congressional District deserved to have a choice of a true social & economic conservative and someone with a proven record in business to bring common sense ideas and true traditional conservatism to this important congressional seat. I will lead and not follow, and I will stand to go on the offense to return common sense and the rule of law to our great country"!


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